4 Types Of Bridal Dresses You Can Choose

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The importance of a wedding dress can never be neglected as it will be the prime focus of everyone visiting your wedding venue. If you want to impress all your guests, not only should you visit a reputable wedding dress shop but also choose a beautiful bridal dress. With a wide variety of wedding dresses available in the market, choosing the best among them often becomes a daunting task. While some are suitable for formal occasions, others are appropriate in a less conventional setting. Enhancing your knowledge about the various types of bridal dresses will help you choose the best one for your d-day.


Few Types Of Bridal Dresses In Surrey


  • Hourglass Dress

As the name suggests, the design of an hourglass dress is similar to an hourglass. The narrow waist, full middle and defined top of the gown, renders it a unique look. The gowns can either have simple or heavy embroidery. If you have an archetypal body shape, the hourglass dress will be ideal for you. You can show off the pleasant curves of your thin waist and large bust.

  • A-Line Dress

If you are planning to buy a classic silhouette, consider buying an A-line dress from a wedding dress shop. The dress looks like the letter ‘A’. The sloped waist, flared skirt and tapered top of the A-line dress renders it a unique shape. They look flattering on women with heavier hips and waist.

  • Mermaid Dress

Want to look like a beautiful mermaid on your wedding day? Buy one of the Mermaid bridal dresses in Surrey. The dress widens at the knees and is fitted on the top. The shape of a Fishtail bridal dress is similar to a Mermaid dress but has a trailing train. If you have a small waist and a small bust, try mermaid or fishtail bridal dresses. They can make petite women look taller.

  • Empire-Waist Dress

The empire-waist bridal dress fits tightly around the bust line while the rest of the dress falls straight. They look good on brides with a smaller bust. There is a dividing line in the fabric which creates the impression of a larger chest. You can also choose this dress if you feel that your hips are not perfect.

Since you are now aware of the common types of bridal dresses, it’s time you choose one for your wedding day.

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