Bridesmaid Dress Shopping: 4 Etiquette Rules You Must Follow

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Now that you have finally found the perfect wedding dress for yourself, it’s time you start another important shopping journey: the quest for beautiful bridesmaid dresses. Well, choosing the perfect look for your maids of honour is just one of the many to-dos before the big day. Wondering how to find the best gowns for your bridal party? Read on.

No matter whether you have 10 girls in your bridal party or just 3 of your best friends, bridesmaid dress shopping in Surrey is an important consideration. But, shopping for bridesmaids is no easy feat. This is because; chances are that you will be dealing with different body types, style preferences and budgets. Moreover, with so many options in colour, fabrics and silhouettes, choosing gowns for the bridal party can be a bit stressful!

Check out the handy guide below and learn the tips to find the perfect bridesmaid dress for your best friends!

Useful Tips for Bridesmaid dress shopping in Surrey

  1. Do a Thorough Research

Start off your shopping by doing some research. Go online and browse thousands of gowns so that you can bookmark your favourites and share them with your bridal gang. When flipping through magazines, you can tear pages for inspiration. This will help you zero in on the styles and colours you and your bridesmaids like the most.

  1. Consider Costs

If you have friends who were in a bridal party before, be assured they will know that bridesmaids always pay for their own dresses. But, giving a gentle reminder to your girls is never a bad idea. Be thoughtful of your friends’ lifestyles and choose gowns which suit their affordability. If you think your wedding might be a financial burden on them, focus your search on dresses which are affordable for them.

  1. Find the Appropriate Fit

The dress of a bridesmaid is usually ordered by using the biggest measurements of a girl (the bust, waist and hips). So, chances are that your friends will opt for dresses at least a size larger than they usually wear. If one of your friends is buying a size smaller, let her know that getting a large dress altered is easier. Remind her that if the gown ends up being very small, she will have to order a new one!

  1. Choose a Dress Shade

The easiest ways to pick the perfect shade is to play off the colour schemes of the venue and season. For example, if you are getting married at a rustic vineyard with wine-red decor, rule out hot pink gowns immediately. While lighter shades like lavender and mint are ideal for summer and spring, rich colours like emerald work very well in the winter and fall months. Depending on the venue and season, let your bridesmaids choose their favourite shade for a trendy look.

Time to start shopping for bridesmaid dresses!

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