Check The Latest Wedding Dress Colours You Can Choose From

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Once you start looking for the trending wedding dresses in Surrey, you will notice that brides are nowadays willing to buy dresses in bold colours like blue and red instead of the traditional white dresses. Though wedding dresses of different colours have been known for centuries, their demand has enhanced drastically in the last few years. Visit any renowned wedding dress shop and they will let you choose dresses from a wide variety of colours. Instead of choosing any colour randomly, know their significance and you can flaunt a wedding dress which will reflect your personality.

Visiting Wedding Dress Shops In Surrey? 5 Beautiful Colours To Choose From

  • Blush

Blush is still regarded to be one of the most popular wedding dress colours as it is quite romantic. It is a neutral shade which you can flaunt irrespective of your wedding theme. They complement brides with various skin tones. Instead of looking tacky or distracting, the blush shades help one portray their individualism and personality. The entire atmosphere of your wedding venue will get a touch of soft elegance.

  • Blue

Visit one of the renowned wedding shops in Surrey and they will let you choose from numerous blue wedding gowns in a wide variety of styles. Since blue is all about the ocean and water, the colour is often used to reflect peace and calmness. It is as pure as water. Brides prefer blue wedding dresses as it indicates security, stability and loyalty one expects from their marriage. Light shades of blue reflect softness and good health while the darker ones indicate power, integrity and knowledge.

  • Brown

This earth-toned shade has been the latest addition to the wedding dress collection. You can easily match the shade with your surroundings and create a sense of continuity. It is always advisable to go for the light brown shade instead of the muddy brown colour. They look really good on brides with light-skinned complexions. Whichever style you are going for, a brown gown can be worn to show stability, strength, reliability and patience.

  • Red

Red has now become the most favourite colour for brides visiting wedding dress shops in Surrey. The shade can create a true fashion statement as it is often associated with the colour of the famous Valentine’s Day. A red wedding gown not only helps in creating a bold fashion statement but also symbolises commitment, passion, strength and romance.

  • Black

If you think that flaunting a black wedding dress is a bad omen, well think again. It has a touch of elegance and will look really good if you are finalised an unconventional theme for your wedding. Whether you are going for a black wedding dress in the traditional ‘Cinderella’ style, an A-line or mermaid shaped gown, you can easily customise and embroidery them with additions of your choice. The colour offers the perfect blend of power, sophistication, wealth and mystery.

Since there are so many beautiful wedding dress colours to choose from, it’s time you visit a renowned wedding dress shop.

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