Common mistakes to avoid during wedding dress shopping

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Every bride looks forward to buying their perfect wedding dress. The excitement is real, but often we end up making a lot of mistakes. In a hurry to purchase, the selection becomes incorrect. We continue facing issues with fitting; the design/styles start to look outdated. Hence, you should always take help from a stylist like one from the wedding shops in Surrey.


Avoid these mistakes while going wedding dress shopping.

1. Changing body size

Often brides feel the need to look their best on their wedding day. However, every stylist will recommend you to avoid taking that pressure. Most of you believe in shopping for the gown after losing weight. It is a huge mistake. Know that the store can always alter your dress before the final fitting and trial session. So, instead of waiting for your body to conform to the ideal size, buy the dress before.

2. No clear expectations

This is another common mistake made by the brides. Not having a precise design or style in mind can prove to be problematic. So, keep your options open. Look for shapes, designs and silhouettes which work the best for you. This way, the stylist can also understand your preferences better.

3. Getting overwhelmed with options

Certainly, there are multiple wedding dresses options to choose from. But the trick is not to let it overwhelm you. The social media platforms make it more difficult. Do not get wrapped in the idea of the 'perfect dress’. You can flaunt your body and beauty in the dress which suits you and makes you feel comfortable. There is no single dress for one body size. Instead, every bride looks amazing in their own designer dresses.

4. Getting frustrated

Have patience while you go out to shop for the wedding dress. From fitting sample gowns to making alterations, the process is a long one. The stylist will advise you against focussing on the initial fit. You can stress more on details like the neckline, fabric, finish, silhouette etc. Do not look at pictures on social media since it can be deceiving; avoid judging a dress from the hanger. All this contributes to the build-up of frustration.

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Summary for the first blog - Read this blog to know about the various mistakes which brides make during wedding dress shopping. Also, visit the wedding shops in Surrey for the best options.

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