Consider Your Body Type And Choose A Suitable Wedding Dress

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Finding the best wedding dress is both exciting and complicated. With so many beautiful wedding dresses available in the market, choosing just one indeed becomes a daunting task. If you want to transform your vision of a beautiful bride into a reality, not only do you have to visit a reputable wedding dress shop but also find a suitable silhouette according to your body type. Not every bride is aware of the fact that different wedding gowns suit different body shapes. Though all the white dresses are equally gorgeous, don’t get overwhelmed just to find the perfect dress. Instead, look for one which fits your figure perfectly.

4 Types Of Wedding Dresses In Surrey And The Body Type They Suit

  • Empire

If you want to flaunt a stylish, simple and classic look on your big day, visit one of the renowned wedding shops in Surrey and buy an empire wedding dress. The high waist hugging the upper torso with a soft, flowing and straight skirt is one of the vital characteristics of these dresses. They look really good on slim brides with an athletic or straight body type. If you have an hourglass or pear-shaped figure, go for this wedding dress style and flattering your wide hips will become easier.

  • Ball Gown

The demand for ball-shaped gowns has enhanced drastically in the last few years as these princess-wedding dresses offer a touch of classic and timeless beauty. The fitted bodice and full skirt look flattering on all types of body. Not only do they help in concealing your hip and waist but you can even flaunt your shoulders, bust and arms.

  • A-Line

The fitted bodice of A-line wedding gowns makes them look unique. They flare gently down to the ground which helps in creating a flawless and classic silhouette. If you have an inverted or pear-shaped figure, opt for this gown style and easily balance your hips and shoulders. Your figure will look curvier as the dress will render your body an athletic and straight shape.

  • Mermaid

Visit one of the renowned wedding dress shops in Surrey and they will let you choose from a wide variety of mermaid and trumpet styled wedding dresses. If you want to flaunt your feminine hourglass-shaped body, the mermaid wedding dress can be the ideal choice for you as they can successfully hug your hips, waist and bust. Though the mermaid style looks quite similar to the trumpet-shaped flares, the former gives more definition to your figure.

  • Sheath

The slim and long silhouette of the sheath or column wedding dress will complement the natural line of your body but won’t flare them. They look really good on brides with a slender and sleek figure. If you have an athletic, straight or hourglass figure and want to portray a classic and elegant look, buy a sheath wedding dress from a renowned shop in Surrey.

Since you are now aware of the various types of wedding dresses, it’s time you visit a wedding dress shop and buy one which matches your body type.

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