Designs of Wedding Dress Sleeves

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Like other millions of girls, you might also have some special desires for your wedding dress. You dream of having a wedding dress that looks absolutely stunning and chic as well. The top wedding dress designers always love to do experiments with the sleeves of the wedding dresses for the brides to give them a unique and striking look.

Let’s see what the common and most preferred wedding dresses sleeve-types are.

Cap Sleeve

A cute and chic way to cover the shoulders of the bride with soft laces, the cap style sleeve is very popular in the bridal wear section. Often it goes with an illusion neckline to give the outfit an elegant look. This is a nice way to add coverage and stability to the gown without covering the beautiful arm of the bride.

Short Sleeve

Short sleeves are one of the most versatile styles of bridal wear. It goes with any type of designs or trends of wedding gowns. It is a classic choice for the brides living in warmer regions or summertime brides. If you wish to have coverage of your full shoulder, then short sleeves are perfect for you.

Quarter Length Sleeve

This gives your bridal wear the look of a perfect Fairy Tale bridal gown. It can create a dramatic as well as a modern look when it is used correctly with the fabrication. The demand for wedding dresses with the quarter sleeves can be seen throughout the year; irrespective of the season.

Full Sleeve

Long sleeve or full sleeve wedding dresses are fashionable and add a charm to the dress. It makes the bride look extremely elegant and attractive. You can enjoy long or full sleeve in your wedding dress to create a vintage vibe as well.

Juliet Sleeve

This is technically a fitted full sleeve with an added puff at the shoulder point to create a dramatic look. It looks very romantic, and if you love to be the Juliet for your Romeo on your big day, then such a wedding dress is a perfect idea for you.

There are more patterns and styles of sleeves available in the market. The top wedding dress designers use their creativity to prepare dresses which not only make the brides look beautiful but suit their personality in the best way too.

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