Guide to Wedding Dresses for Every Body Type

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The proposal is just the beginning of the beautiful journey that every bride embarks on after saying yes. While there are so many things that make the wedding day perfect, your wedding day says it all. The second most important thing that gets the most attention at your wedding after you is your wedding gown.

Some Tips to Remember

Before you go to your bridal appointment, there are some ground rules you need to follow:

  • To highlight your curves, a fitted mermaid, sheath or trumpet gown will be a fantastic choice.
  • To magnify your waistline, you can always go for gowns that have gathered and pleats around the waist.
  • Also, when you are confused always go for an A-line dress.

Weddings and Body Types

There is a perfect wedding dress for every body type, so let’s find which bridal dresses in surrey are the perfect fit for you:

  1. A-Line

Whether you have a pear-shaped body or not, the A-line gown has a universally flattering fit complementing all types of body. The best part of this kind of wedding dress is, hugs at all the right places and remains fitted till the waist and then flares out, creating the shape of a soft A. It is also perfect if you want to make your waist look slimmer.

  1. Mermaid

For the apple-shaped body types, a mermaid silhouette for the wedding will make your day. Its contour emphasizes the hips and waist rather than narrowing it down. However, choose the right kind of shapewear if you are wearing a mermaid wedding gown. Make sure you can move freely in it.

  1. Trumpet

Want to please the crowd and look great at the same time? Say no more! A trumpet wedding dress is here for you. You can also call it a more toned-down mermaid wedding gown with crowd-pleasing flares starting from mid-thigh. This dress will perfectly complement your extravagant wedding celebrations. Women with hourglass body types and slender frames can rock the trumpet wedding gown like a queen.

  1. Ball Gown

Are you the classic type and want to be remembered as a princess at her wedding? A ball gown is your match made in heaven. If you have a slip hip with a fuller bust, this fit and flare shape will give your body the right balance. Another easy tip to remember when you are going for a ball gown is to make sure to tone down the embellishment so that you do not get lost in the luxurious fabric.

No matter, what your body type is, the best way is to embrace it with the right kind of wedding dress that not only brings you all the attention but also highlights the uniqueness of your body. Toni Bridal can be your trusted partner in creating the gorgeous wedding day look for you.

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