Some wedding gown shopping tips for plus-sized brides

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Shopping for a wedding dress is one of the most exciting wedding activities. However, it can be challenging, especially for people who are plus-sized. Often it is impossible to make the right selection when you do not fit in conventional sized dresses. Irrespective of your weight or size, you can buy your perfect bridal dresses in Surrey from Tony Bridal. It is the ideal destination for personalized bridal wedding dresses and gowns.  

Tips to Shop the right plus size wedding gown


The bride should feel confident and radiant on her special day. Fashion supports body diversity; and you can make your choice of wedding dresses accordingly.


1.      Check whether the store sells different sizes


Most gowns run one or two sizes smaller than the actual size. But when it comes to buying plus size, they do not have many options. This gets extremely frustrating at times. Consult the store in advance and give them your measurements so that they can customize your dress. Share your style preferences with them. Also, ensure that they do not compromise on quality over price.

2.      Try multiple styles

Stylists will recommend you not to limit yourself to one particular style or design. Never allow the designer to force you to wear a single kind of wedding gown. There are several looks that you can experiment with. The perfect dress will flaunt your curves, giving you a defined outlook.

You can select between the ballgown style, A-line, tea-length, mermaid style and more.


3.      Wear with wedding undergarments


While you are trying on the dress, wear the wedding undergarments under it.  The right kinds will immediately change how the gown looks and flows along your body. Underwear modifies your body shape. It is also safe in case the stylist has to make any alterations later.


4.      Take a shopping companion

Never shop for a wedding dress alone. Be with someone you trust so that they can share an unbiased opinion. They will ensure that you look the best and beautiful.

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