Trends in Wedding Dresses That Have Emerged Due to The Pandemic

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Weddings have always been a memorable affair. As one of the significant life events, people want to make it as unique as it can be. But this year is different. It has changed the perception of weddings altogether. It has become an intimate affair, with only near and dear ones. With this change, brides have also left the traditional route. They are switching their choices and choosing different kinds of wedding dresses, forming new trends. Brides are searching for simple, comfortable dresses like the bridal dresses on sale in Surrey for their wedding. Here are some trends you might want to know about to help you shop better:

  • Simple dresses with accessories:

    Instead of going for dresses with heavy beady, intricate lace bodices and tonnes and tonnes of lace, bridesare choosing simpler dresses. Plain, satin dresses or an A-line chiffon dress has been quite popular this year. But these dresses don't mean boring or dull. Brides are bringing the jazz by adding rhinestone belts, extra veils and delicate lace gloves or statement jewellery. This allows the dress to be appropriate for a small ceremony without dulling the sparkle.

  • Comfortable dresses:

    most brides are leaning towards breezy, comfortable dresses to be at ease with their loved ones. Since the ceremony is more about spending quality time with the people around them, this fits the bracket. Flowy silhouettes, no corsets, softer fabrics are proving more popular.

  • Lowering the budget:

    the pandemic has been equally harsh on the economy. With uncertain times, most people are trying to cut corners as much as possible. Others are also saving money to spend on a lavish vacation once everything gets better. Bridesare choosing shorter dresses, which are cheaper and also showcase their fun side. Looking out for deals for bridal dresses on sale in Surrey is also a great idea.

If you are a bride and have been anxious about the wedding, it's a good idea to stop stressing. Pick up the tips you like and add a touch of your own for the best results. You can visit Toni Bridal for beautiful wedding dresses. They have a lot of styles and designs, giving you a wide variety to choose from. Happy shopping!

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