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Once your wedding date has been finalised, go through the trending wedding colours if you don’t want to buy the traditional white gown. Both colour and texture are very important. The pandemic has turned couples towards mood-boosting hues and white wedding dresses are not the only option. You can wear anything which makes you feel fabulous, irrespective of the colour or pattern.

3 Colourful Dresses For Brides And Bridesmaids In Surrey

  • Light Blue

The light blue wedding dress give the Cinderella vibes. It is considered to be a classic wedding colour which you can adapt for any style or season. It blends well with other pastel colours and makes you look elegant. If you are planning an Autumn or winter wedding, pair light blue with rust orange or burgundy. You can even try the dark hues like sapphire or navy.

  • Purple

The demand for gowns in pale purple hues like lilac and lavender is quite high. Buy a purple dress with floral embroidery and look stunning while you walk down the aisle. You can create maximum impact by using more pastel colours. Both lilac and lavender go well with colours like mint green, bubblegum pink or pale yellow. You can choose one of these colours for your bridesmaid dresses in Surrey.

  • Green

Green tones are expected to rule wedding venues next year. The tropical wedding theme trend has enhanced the popularity of green wedding gowns. It is a flattering colour which looks really lovely on dark, fair and olive skin tones. If you want to get the cool 70’s look on your wedding day, try mid-range greens like avocado, matcha, olive or pistachio.

It’s time you choose one of the wedding colours stated above and visit a reputable wedding dress shop in Surrey.

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