Why You Should Consider Coloured Wedding Dresses Instead of the White Ones

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White wedding dresses are gorgeous, and they are traditional too. However, modern brides are looking for something unique to make their wedding look exclusive and elegant.  The demand for coloured wedding gowns is increasing day by day, which is a sign that modern brides wish to be exclusively pretty and gorgeous on their big day.

But why should one consider coloured wedding dresses instead of the traditional white gowns? How do these coloured gowns make a difference?

The Features of Coloured Wedding Dresses

  • Look Unique

It is needless to mention that a coloured wedding dress will definitely make you look unique as a bride. When 9 out of 10 brides are wearing the traditional white ones, you are choosing a red or a pink one for your big day to look matchless – that’s quite fascinating!

  • Try Something New

The latest wedding dress designers are working extremely well on coloured wedding gowns. You can find something really amazing, chic and elegant when you shift your focus from the white gowns to the coloured ones. You should try something new because this is your day and this will never going to come back again.

  • Every Colours Speaks

Every colour that is generally used to prepare wedding gowns has distinct stories and meaning. You may feel fascinated when you know them. For example, if you choose to get married in a sea-side location, then you can opt for an aqua blue or sea green gown to match with that ambience. Similarly, the red colour stands for strong emotion, love, passion and strength. Your bond with your would-be husband is all about these emotions, right! So, why not try red instead of white?

  • Unique Designs

You can get some unique designs in coloured wedding gowns made by the top designers and boutiques like Toni Bridal. Moreover, you can add stylish and smart accessories with your coloured wedding dress that can complement your bridal look flawlessly. There are shoes, bags and other items that go perfectly with these gowns.

Whenever you are looking for something exclusive, pretty and affordable; Toni Bridal is the name you can trust in Surrey. We are a renowned boutique that has a wide array of designer wedding gowns that can make you the prettiest bride on your special day.

Please give us a call to book an appointment and to collect more information about our products.

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