The Rise of Wedding Face Masks

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Imagine watching a bride walk down the aisle and waiting for the groom to lift up her veil, then her face mask. Most of
the wedding attendees would beam behind their very own masks, with some dabbing a few tears away before it
stains their face coverings. Odd as it may sound, this scene is fast becoming a staple in many weddings across the
world today.

The fact is that changing restrictions and face masks have become a part of life — weddings very much included.
And while keeping such a momentous occasion special can be a little difficult to do with masks interrupting some
special moments previously taken for granted, health and safety don't have to take the beauty out of experiences like
this. If you're a bride-to-be, here’s how wedding face masks have become the norm and what options you have for
your big day.

Masked Weddings: The New Normal

COVID-19 has changed almost every facet of life, including how we celebrate the union of two loving individuals.
Extensive guidelines for everything have been released for the public’s information, including small marriages and
civil partnerships. Under these rules, every detail of how a wedding ceremony can be conducted is laid out, including
how many guests are allowed, distancing protocols for musical performances during the ceremony, and of course,
the wearing of face masks.

And though things are beginning to look up with the production and rollout of vaccines, face masks policies would
likely stay in place until 2022, with some experts saying that they might even last until 2023. Even after rules are
lifted, the culture change that has occurred will prompt people to continue mask-wearing out of habit, especially when
they experience any sort of respiratory illness, a pattern that emerged after the SARS outbreak in Asia more than a
decade ago.

With mask-wearing expected to extend at least until 2022 and restrictions still very much in place, wedding planning
has definitely changed. It forces wedding planners and the couple to be more exacting with their decision-making,
especially in terms of logistics and dates. For instance, buying a wedding dress, one of the most important parts of
the process, entails a little more planning since walk-in appointments cannot be accommodated. Choosing whether to
have a reception will also be an issue. Weddings, as we know them, have transformed.

How to Include Face Masks in Your Wedding

These days, face masks have become such a staple of post-pandemic life that designer wedding masks have made
their way into the scene. Brides wearing white can opt for masks in the same colour with lace detailing, while those
dressed in more vibrant hues can get matching masks with more embellishments.
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Some couples tying the knot have even started giving face masks away as wedding favours. This is an especially
thoughtful gesture from the newly-weds to extend to their wedding guests as it is a gift they will continue to use after
the festivities are over. Some of the best face masks today include Uniqlo’s Airism Facemask and the Under Armour
Sportsmask, both known for being lightweight on the face and highly breathable. But those looking for something
more creative can also opt for personalised masks for friends and family. With plenty of brands and smaller
businesses crafting their own designs, you have plenty of options when choosing the best personalised masks for
your guests that fit well within your wedding theme and budget.

Weddings are beautiful occasions, and even with restrictions in place, the joy that families feel when the bride and
groom are married cannot be dampened even with the necessity of face masks. Instead, they can become beautiful
parts of a special celebration. Whether it’s your bridal face mask, dress, or your wedding accessories, every single
part contributes to making this day a ray of sunshine in a world that can sometimes feel bleak.

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